After 12 years of work of our foundation, a dream is coming true!

A dream that is the next step towards our main goal – to support the development and strengthening of young musical talents to the best of our ability.
A dream that exactly two months from now on the national holiday, September 22, will become a reality in the Royal Palace of Vrana.
Within 3 festive days, the first music festival “STRIVE” will be held, where exceptional young virtuosos, who have become an integral part of the history of our cultural foundation, will have the opportunity to manifest in full splendor their already internationally recognized qualities with solo recitals.
We thank our partners from the Fund for the Preservation of Historical Heritage “King Boris and Tsaritsa Joanna” and its director Prof. Dr Ivaylo Shalafov for the great trust and consensus, and especially His Majesty King Simeon II, that for the first time the Royal Palace of Vrana opens its halls so that this boutique festival can have its exclusive home.
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